Building Green

Building a Sustainable Futureā€¦.Today.
Buildings fundamentally impact people’s lives. As an organization representing multiple sectors of the construction industry, The Structural Group of Companies promotes design, construction and operation of buildings that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. In turn, they will be healthy places to live, work and play.
The LEED standard was developed in 1995 in response to a growing demand for “Green Building”. In other words, build structures with environmental protection and conservation in mind. The Structural Group of Companies is committed to this vision. From start to finish, we have made it our priority to comply and adhere to the LEED credit rating system.
Our Objectives;

  • Reduce destruction of Natural Habitats
  • Reduce and Manage Waste
  • Promote Reuse and Recycle programs
  • Reduce the Depletion of Finite Resources
  • Promote, Teach and Implement Sustainable Practices
  • Improve Efficiency